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ARP, a very simple protocol, consists of merely four basic message types: All network devices have an ARP table, a short-term memory of all the IP addresses and MAC addresses the device has already matched together.

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Solicited ARP entries cache for 20 minutes, while unsolicited ARP entries cache for 5 minutes.

Here's an example of a normal ARP communication.

If the final destination is on a different network, an address resolution might be required on each network that the message traverses on the path to its final destination.

For example, assume that the system alpha must communicate with the system It would be silly to continually send an ARP request broadcast each time a host needs to find the physical address of another host it accesses often.

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Jessica, the receptionist, tells Word to print the latest company contact list.

Her computer (IP address wants to send the print job to the office's HP Laser Jet printer (IP address

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