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Soon, Hollywood actors such as Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie could be the face of the Incredible India 2.0 campaign, a rebranding of the current marketing policy of the tourism ministry.

The only way to improve the lot of sex workers is to first bring about a change in the social attitudes that confine them.

It is little wonder that Sonagachi in Kolkata has an oppressive air hanging over it.

Home to one of the largest red light districts in Asia, the area accommodates an innumerable cohort of at least 10,000 sex workers in a dizzying maze of shoebox rooms and street-side stalls.

Beside the gateway to an abandoned rubbish pit, a young woman rocks a baby on her knees.

As she sees me approach, she pulls her child closer, arching her back over to protect him.

One need not wander far into the red light district to see that India’s current policies on sex work and trafficking are inadequate and ineffective.

Punishments are meted out to sex workers only, with no laws seeking to penalise their clients or the individuals who manage and extort them.

Despite this, there are an estimated three million prostitutes in India according to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.