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The Captive City is mainly just overly earnest, Witness to Murder just invites a pun involving the use of the word "witless" for a tagline. Yeah, I'll probably skip whatever I was planning to see after The Ant Bully at the furniture store. The Captive City* * ¼ (out of four)Seen 25 July 2006 at the Brattle (Rare Film Noir)There's something almost quaint about this movie by cinematic chameleon Robert Wise.

It's weirdly paternalistic and vaguely mysoginistic, I think.

Still, props to George Sanders as the oily villain of the piece, especially when he gets to go into Nazi mode toward the end. The Hidden Blade (Kakushi ken oni no tsume)* * * * (out of four)Seen 26 July 2006 at Landmark Kendall Square #9 (First-run)I came into this expecting to like it, but a little wary, because I figured that a lot of what made The Twilight Samurai was how self-representative it was; there was a clear line to be drawn between Yoji Yamada and his hero, both being loyal soldiers who finally, at the end of their runs, got to show what they really capable of (but regretted nothing becaues family came first).

Still, that doesn't mean that the best part of Tuesday night's Rare Noir double feature wasn't seeing the Psycho trailer twice.

Some of these things are rarely screened and not available on video because they're just not very good.

Stanwyck is clearly too old for the part, and the relationship between her and the detective played by Gary Merrill is just peculiar.

How great a romance can you get when the man is constantly trying to convince the woman that she was just seeing things?

The backlog: 11 Fantasia films, 13 from around here.