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Mr Mc Clean was washing his hands in a lagoon or river set back from the beach in an area called Elephant Rock, a popular surfing area for British backpackers.

In Africa alone there are several hundred crocodile attacks on people each year.

Between a third and a half of these attacks result in fatalities.

A crocodile is believed to have dragged Mr Mc Clean away on Thursday afternoon, the officer said, but a post-mortem examination is expected to formally establish the cause of death.

British media reports said Mr Mc Clean, who worked for the Financial Times, was holidaying in Sri Lanka with friends.

He went to the toilet next to the lagoon and was grabbed by a crocodile.'There are lots in the lagoon.

People last saw his arms in the air in the water and then was grabbed under…'They are searching for a body but haven't found anything yet.'The army were down and there are people put on boats checking the shore because crocodile won't eat anything in water – they will take it on to dry land to eat prey.'They are 90 per cent sure it was a crocodile but a couple of the guys said there was quicksand in the lagoon.' Crocodiles use their powerful tails to swim up to 25mph, which is almost as fast as Usain Bolt's highest recorded sprinting speed.

Ian Paisley Jr will refer himself to the Westminster watchdog over claims he is discussing a Sri Lanka with a post-Brexit trade deal after enjoying undeclared £100,000 holidays funded by its Government.

The DUP MP and son of its co-founder, whose 10 MPs are keeping Theresa May in power, was allegedly treated to two all-expenses paid trips with his wife and children.

The DUP MP for North Antrim has tweeted about the holiday claims last night. After flying in business class they allegedly stayed in a suite at the Hilton hotel in Colombo, then at the five-star Heritance hotel near Galle before ending the visit at the Amethyst resort in eastern Sri Lanka.

He wrote: 'I will refer myself to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. In the July he allegedly returned with his wife and two children, again flying in business class, and stayed for a week including for a period at a Heritance five star resort.

He lived in Thames Ditton, Surrey, with his brother Neil, 22, and his parents Peter, 66, and Irene, 59.