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Speed dating fire and ice

And I would not be surprised if that happens again with this post covering a major federal report about the Arctic released yesterday.

And the pace of Arctic sea ice loss experienced in the past few decades has not been seen in at least the past 1,450 years.

What’s happening in the far north cannot be explained simply by invoking natural variability, the report concludes.

In other words, changes occurring in the Arctic aren’t of concern just to people living in the high north.

As Walter Meier of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has put it, “The climate system’s interconnected.

Thanks to our influence on the climate through our emissions of greenhouse gases, we’re well beyond the range of natural changes to the Arctic climate system over a timescale of millennia.

From this year’s Arctic Report Card, an assessment published every year by the U. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Despite relatively cool summer temperatures, observations in 2017 continue to indicate that the Arctic environmental system has reached a ‘new normal’, characterized by long-term losses in the extent and thickness of the sea ice cover, the extent and duration of the winter snow cover and the mass of ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic glaciers, and warming sea surface and permafrost temperatures.

Never mind that a major paper put this idea to rest in 2013.

I still have this flawed argument thrown at me when I write about climate issues.

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