Start Updating firefox on ubuntu

Updating firefox on ubuntu

In this brief tutorial, I’m going to show you how to manually download and install Firefox in almost all versions of Ubuntu.

But the upgrade isn’t yet available and if you are curious to try it, there is an official Mozilla PPA to test the beta version of Firefox Quantum on Ubuntu and its derivatives.

In this guide we’ll cover Firefox Quantum 57 stable installation from tarball sources in Debian and Red Hat based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Cent OS, Fedora, etc.

After hitting on the shortcut icon, you should see the new Mozilla Quantum browser in action in your system. You have successfully installed Mozilla 57.0 browser from a tarball source file in Ubuntu and Cent OS Linux distributions.

The process of installing the latest version of Firefox from archive sources is similar for Ubuntu and Cent OS desktop version.

The latest version of Firefox should open in your system.

In order to create a quick launch icon in your desktop applications menu, issue the following commands in terminal.

NOTE that there will some delay for the new release being published in main repositories, check the build page.